Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Dressing to make yourself look slimmer

While many people's New Year's resolutions to shed a few pounds may be underway, some women may want a way to look instantly slimmer as they are working to lose weight. Luckily, all it may take is the outfit.

Though it may be counterintuitive to select a form-fitting garment when you're trying to hide thicker areas of your body, O magazine's creative director Adam Glassman suggests otherwise.

"Don't try to hide a tummy under a tent," he writes in the publication. "A sheath that's bright on top and dark on the bottom slims the hips and stomach while enhancing a smaller chest."

He also recommends forgoing prints and sporting a semi-formal dress with smartly placed blocks of color, such as on either side of the waist to downplay a thicker midsection and create an hourglass figure.

Finally, women should pay close attention to their garments' fabric.

"Everything you buy should contain at least a little bit of stretch," Glassman writes. "This will avoid pulling and pinching, and create a more custom fit."

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