Sunday, February 27, 2011

Choosing a Confirmation Dress

The rite of Confirmation in the Catholic church signifies a young person's desire to become a full-fledged member of the faith, and the ceremony bestows adequate weight upon this decision by requiring both girls and boys to dress in formal clothing. While boys typically wear slacks and suits, girls can choose from a variety of dresses.

Confirmation uses occurs around adolescence, after the necessary classes have been completed and children are deemed mature enough to decide for themselves whether to commit to a lifetime as a Catholic. The ceremony is a follow-up to the First Communion, but is not usually quite as formal, and it is attended by family members and friends, as well as other members of the Catholic parish.

Confirmation dresses should be both modest and age-appropriate. Plunging necks and backless dresses aren't permissible, but flowing A-lines, sweetheart necklines and white fabrics are all popular choices. While it is important that the dress is practical and comfortable, it is also important that young women can look back on their Confirmations and remember feeling beautiful and elegant.

After all, it might not be too long before those same young women are back in the church to receive another sacrament in another formal dress - marriage. 


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