Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Carla Gugino looks radiant in red

Ladies - if there's one color you should never be afraid of, it's red. Although many women insist that they look horrible in this hue, the truth is that almost any girl can wear it and appear sensational.

Actress Carla Gugino recently stepped out in an all-red cocktail dress that helped her work what her momma gave her. The Entourage star's piece was created from sequined fabric and helped her sparkle in the scores of lights surrounding her.

This is quite a change-up from what we saw Carla wearing just last month at the True Grit premiere. It was then that she showed off her goods in a little black dress that was somehow both sexy and elegant at the same time.

Women should take a cue from Carla and try to purchase a scarlet dress to offset pieces in black. An LRD (little red dress) is often just as handy as an LBD, and can be worn at both no-frills and fancy-shmancy occasions.

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