Thursday, January 13, 2011

Pair socks with your semi-formal dress

"With the colder weather here, a new trend is on the horizon. While many women may be used to pairing their semi-formal dresses and skirts with tights, some of the hottest designers are advising ladies to switch to socks.

"For fall, there were a lot of A-line, '50s-style skirts, and ankle socks with a small, 1-inch heel gave a new look to the '50s feel," stylist Elle Werlin told "The socks add a twist to a lot of inspiration from the past."

However, women who want to rock this trend should consider the length and hue of their socks.

"What I think is really lovely is a little longer sock, but ruched down a little bit. Anklets and sheer knee-highs work best," industry expert Alison Hessert told the news source.

Gals should also stick to neutral-colored fabrics and wear socks that match the hue of their shoes in order to elongate legs.

Ladies searching for the perfect formal dress to complete this look can shop online. You can peruse hundreds of garments at the touch of a button, until you find the piece that suits you perfectly!"

Alyce Designs 2011 Short Dress 4143

 Alyce Designs 2011 Short Dress 4137

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 Alyce Designs 2011 Short Dress 4136

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