Monday, January 3, 2011

Match your veil to your wedding dress' silhouette

"When putting together your wedding day ensemble, much attention is paid to the dress. However, there is one important element that should not be ignored - your veil! This special headpiece can turn any white gown into a true wedding dress.

But with the wide variety of veils available, which one is right for you? Use your gown as a guide and select a veil that complements the silhouette to create a truly breathtaking wedding day getup.

According to Brides magazine, a cathedral veil features a long train that cascades at least 10 feet from the headpiece. This regal veil is best paired with a princess-style ball gown.

A flyaway veil is the complete opposite - a short, multi-layered piece that falls to your shoulders and is retro, fun and flirty. The publication recommends wearing this veil with a '50s-style garment, such as an item with an off-the-shoulder bodice and a slightly poufy skirt.

A structured strapless wedding dress, however, may look best coupled with a waterfall veil, which is short in the front and gets longer as it flows down your back - the magazine reports that the veil's fluid detail will soften the stiff silhouette."

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