Tuesday, January 25, 2011

How to dress an athletic physique

Now that the New Year is here, many women may be picking up a gym membership to honor a resolution. And while working out can lead to a leaner physique, some ladies may add muscle to their frame as well. However, dressing for an athletic build can be a bit tricky.

"The key to getting your fashion correct has to do with the harmony and balance of three key elements: silhouette, proportion and fit," fashion guru Tim Gunn wrote in Marie Claire magazine.

If you want your muscular figure to retain its womanly appeal, you may want to look for a silhouette that enhances your curves.

"If you choose a dress, I recommend wrap styles because they can be adjusted to accommodate the particulars of your shape, and they're feminizing too," Gunn wrote.

The fashion expert also warns athletically built women to steer clear of menswear, boxy and oversize styles, as the proportion and fit aren't as flattering.

Regardless of your shape, if you are looking for a formal dress, get online and start your search early - you'll want to leave ample time for processing and delivery.

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