Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Gold is the head-turning color of the season

Gals who want to get noticed often opt for red ensembles - the crimson hue is guaranteed to turn heads. However, when every woman shows up in similar shades, each lady is likely to feel a little less eye-catching.

Instead of choosing scarlet the next time you want a little more attention, why not go for a gold semi-formal dress?

"The value of gold is on the rise - and not without reason. Both finance and fashion types delight in the universally flattering glow," Marie Claire magazine reports. "While 24-karat baubles and bangles have long been a jewelry box standby, the classic metallic is currently enjoying a ready-to-wear Renaissance."

The publication suggests sporting a sparkly minidress or a puffer vest. However, you should avoid wearing too much gold. If you are rocking a metallic getup, wear minimal jewelry and neutral-colored accessories.

You should also refrain from applying cosmetics that contain too much shimmer. Opt for a lip gloss with a subtle sheen or a matte eyeshadow for a sultry, smoky eye.

Here's some gorgeous gold dresses we carry!

Jasz Couture 2011 Prom Dress 4359

 Blush 2011 Prom Dress 9244


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  1. After looking at the ugly skull dresses, this blows me away - GORGEOUS!!! Classy, and beautiful. You have redeemed yourself (LOL!)!