Sunday, December 5, 2010

Wear a push-up bra for more of a voluptuous look

"Many women look for sexy cocktail dresses that showcase a particular feature - her bosom. Still, not every girl out there is blessed with curvy assets.

Before you break out the arm exercises while chanting 'I must, I must, I must increase my bust!' try to remember that there's a wonderful creation out there for smaller-chested women - push-up bras. According to, these undergarments are perfect for women looking to attain more cleavage.

"Today's push-up and padded bras are pretty, comfortable, and undetectable under clothes. Some will even increase your breast size by two cup sizes!" according to the news outlet.

Girls aspiring to appear more voluptuous in their next formal dress may want to look at the scores of padded bras online. During the process, women should always remember to keep their chin up.

"While there are some women who embrace their small busts, others prefer to have a little more up top. You don't need to go the surgical route for a fuller bosom," the news source reports."

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