Sunday, December 12, 2010

Wear herringbone patterns and look fabulous this winter

"When thinking about patterns, one of the most overlooked is herringbone. The design is ideal for cold evenings and perfect for the late fall.

It looks as though several clothing gurus agree with this notion.

"It is such an easy pattern to wear - it isn't a stripe, it isn't a polka dot or a flower," clothing expert Simon Kneen told "It can work in a subtle, tasteful and stylish way that says 'I understand the better things in life.'"

Women currently looking for a casual semi-formal dress for an autumn event may want to think about showing off herringbone. The design makes for wonderful semi-formal dresses that can be worn to both daytime and evening affairs.

Also, ladies should remember that accessories, such as jackets, belts and hats, also can solidify the look.

"Complement any outfit with a herringbone article of clothing. It instantly adds polish and sophistication," Lindsay Albanese, celebrity wardrobe stylist and style expert, told the news outlet."

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