Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Try different bridesmaid dresses for each maid!

"Traditionally, brides pick out one gown for their bridesmaids, and the ladies walk down the aisle wearing the same number. However, gals preparing to exchange vows shouldn't feel forced to put their best friends in matching bridesmaid dresses, especially with the wealth of options available today.

While every bridesmaid doesn't have to be outfitted in the same gown, women planning a wedding should remember that the bridal party must remain cohesive.

"If every girl wears a different dress (one in green satin, one in blue chiffon, another in black taffeta) then it just looks like a big ol' mess, in my opinion," writes an analyst on "The solution? Pick at least one element you want your bridesmaids dresses to have in common, then mix things up."

According to the news source, there are several ways brides can avoid matching bridesmaid dresses without creating a bridal party full of contrast and confliction.

Women can select gowns of the same color that boast different silhouettes, or conversely, pick bridesmaid dresses in different hues that have the same cut.

Additionally, bridesmaids can also wear gowns that feature similar accents, such as sashes or floral prints in different colors."

TJ Formal has a vast collection of bridesmaid dresses. Choose styles from the same brand using the same color and fabric and your bridal party will look unique, but also match the theme of the wedding. Or use the same style in different colors and have a range of colors to work with for your theme.


  1. I think these are great tips. I think choosing similar dresses that can be in different in fit can make it flattering for all the bridesmaids. It lets the bridesmaids all feel pretty and maybe even have a dress to wear again later.

  2. I really like this idea... makes the group look so much more natural.