Saturday, December 11, 2010

Top wedding dress trends of the decade

"It goes without saying that brides-to-be spend much of their days sifting through the hottest wedding dress trends. Still, many of the sexiest styles have their roots in earlier parts of the decade.

In fact, recently pointed out some of the most in-vogue wedding dress fads of the past ten years. First up? Colored sashes, a trend that began in 2002 with a gown that featured a long and luxurious baby blue belt.

"The popularity of this look inspired brides to incorporate a bit of color into their gowns, and they embraced the endless possibilities of doing so - requests for blue (or pink or green) sashes came in from all directions" according to the news outlet.

Also, women can pinpoint the lace revival to eight years ago, when an haute couture designer reintroduced it to his collection.

"This dress helped brides realize that lace wasn't only for your grandmother's wedding dress," the news source reports.

Other trends mentioned were ruffles, pick-up skirts and the fit-and-flare look."

You'll find all of these trends and more, right here!

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