Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Stylish celebs have surprising role models

When shopping for formal dresses, women around the world are often inspired by glamorous celebrities, but we often forget that these stars have style role models of their own. However, the people that some leading ladies look up to are quite surprising.

Alexa Chung, model and MTV personality, often makes headlines for her chic-but-unique fashion sense, which revolves around finding garments that flatter her figure.

"I'm dressing for my body. So it's very flattering that other people might want to borrow my style, but really it's just making the most of what personally suits me, which is that I've got a long skinny leg and no boobs. So I dress to accommodate that," she told The New York Times.

But when she needs a bit of inspiration, the 26-year-old model doesn't seek out photos of the beautiful actresses.

"All of my beauty icons are men," she told the publication. "It's all about effortlessness. It's all about looking underdone."

Another fashion-forward celebrity with an unconventional role model? Lady Gaga. According to her website, the pop star lists Peggy Bundy, the leopard-print loving, bouffant-wearing housewife on the TV series Married... with Children, as one of her fashion icons.

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