Thursday, December 9, 2010

Study finds men are more attracted to arms

"When looking for a sexy semi-formal dress, women may often look for a number that boasts a high hemline or a low-cut neck. However, according to new research published in the Journal of Evolutionary biology, women may want to rock a different silhouette - strapless.

The Daily Mail reports that the study, which was conducted by experts at the University of New South Wales, Sydney, found that long, shapely arms are considered more attractive than endless legs.

"Attractive bodies have a suite of traits in the right combination," said professor Robert Brooks, who led the study. "The dimensions can tell observers if that person is suitable as a potential mate, a long term partner or perhaps the threat they pose as a sexual competitor."

Ladies looking for a semi-formal dress that will be especially alluring to the opposite sex may want to consider rocking a strapless piece, which can beautifully showcase a woman's arms and shoulders.

However, strapless numbers can be tricky to wear, especially for bustier gals. Before stepping out in the dress, invest in perfectly fitting shapewear that will help keep you comfortable throughout the day - and night!"

Want to go strapless, but need support? We have the perfect, gorgeous solution with our brand new Exposed Envy straps. Now you can choose any type of strap to complement your dress, attach it to your strapless bra and you've got beautiful support and no one knows!

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  1. I dont' know about men and arms!? Sounds wierd to me - BUT, these beaded straps are FANTASTIC!!!! I will be A LOT more likely to look at strapless dresses if I can add straps. SO cool!