Sunday, December 26, 2010

Stars shop online? They are just like us!

"Finding time to go shopping can be tricky - between hours at the office, important appointments and various social engagements, there's barely time to eat, so what's a girl-on-the-go who needs a great semi-formal dress to do? Take advice from some equally busy women and head online to purchase your piece.

According to Stephen Moyer, his wife Anna Paquin can't get enough of online shopping.

"If I wake up in the middle of the night, and I'll kind of feel the light and I'll open my eyes and it'll just be the glow of the computer - she's even shopping in her sleep!" he told People magazine.

Additionally, Carey Mulligan logs on to the internet when she needs a few new garments as well.

"It's just stuff that I wear," the young actress told the news source about her online purchases. "There are two things that I have - I have nights like tonight where I wear very high heels, and nice dresses, and then my normal life where I'm pretty casual."

So instead of wasting time waiting in line at the mall, follow Paquin's and Mulligan's leads and shop online - you'll be able to easily peruse a large amount of semi-formal dresses and check out will be a breeze."

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