Friday, December 24, 2010

Shopping advice from InStyle magazine

While many women enjoy searching for clothes and accessories, some gals get overwhelmed by the idea of putting outfits together. Luckily, the ladies at InStyle magazine recently shared some insight regarding the wonderful world of shopping.

"I don't buy super-trendy things. I look for garments I can wear for several seasons," market director Erin Sumwalt told the publication. "If I purchase a print, it's never one that's recognizable as being from a...specific season. Instead, I pick subtle patterns."

Of course, that doesn't mean that pieces should be plain. Market editor Dana Avidan recommends selecting items that contain a little something extra.

"[I look] for little details - embellished pockets, not plain - print shoes, not solid," Avidan told the publication. "We're getting into the holidays, and it's nice to have things that feel special."

But ladies who are about to put on a formal dress may want to step into a different garment first.

"I always put on a slip if I'm in a dress or skirt," Sumwalt added. "Having something luxurious next to your skin just feels good."

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