Thursday, December 16, 2010

Select a silhouette that flatters your favorite feature

"When shopping for a semi-formal dress, women often consider color and fabric. However, you may also want to pay attention to the garment's silhouette, as the cut can help you accentuate your best feature.

Ladies who love their legs may think that showcasing them can be accomplished by selecting a short dress. However, they may also want to slip on some hosiery before heading out the door. According to InStyle magazine, sheer, opaque and textured tights can further emphasize your legs.

Voluptuous women looking to celebrate their figure should avoid unstructured pieces, which can hide their small curves. Instead, the news source recommends wearing a wrap dress - it calls attention to one's waist without being too tight, as the fabric elegantly flows away from the body.

While gals who want to show off their arms often opt for strapless numbers, these garments often accentuate their clavicles. A one-shoulder semi-formal dress or a sleeveless item with an elaborate neckline complement toned arms.

Whether you are searching for an outfit for a friend's wedding or a black-tie event, start shopping early to give yourself enough time to find the silhouette that suits you best."

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