Wednesday, December 8, 2010

The return of pairing the kitten heel with a semi-formal dress

"There's no denying it - if there's one thing a girl adores, it's her super high-inch heels. This fancy footwear can help a woman go from small to statuesque in an instant.

Still, strutting around in these pieces often requires giving up one important thing - comfort. Luckily, the experts at have offered women around the world another stylish and enticing way to look fabulous.

"Kitten heels are a great (pain-free) option. They're adorable. They're sexy. They can be worn with anything! We won't cry after wearing them for over eight hours," according to the news outlet.

Steeper than a ballet flat but not quite a stiletto, these shoes have the ability to make a woman feel sultry while gallivanting around town. The footwear can be paired with an elegant semi-formal dress for a casual evening out, or even matched with business-casual attire and shown off at work.

Of course, coming home without tears in one's eyes is always a bonus.

"We love being four to five inches taller in a stiletto. But at the end of the day, we sometimes cry from the pain," the news source reports."

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