Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Love your little black dress, but tread carefully

"We've said it before and we'll say it again - if there's one go-to item you're going to need in your wardrobe, it's a little black dress. This piece can be used for affairs of all occasions and events both big and small.

Still, as points out, women shouldn't be afraid to test some fashion boundaries when selecting their staple black creation.

"Little Black Dresses should never be a cop-out. Instead, you should consider the blackness an important asset - with LBDs, you can experiment with unconventional cuts, textures and shapes that you normally might be too chicken to try out," the news source reports.

Women currently searching for a black semi-formal dress that they'll keep at the forefront of their closets should remember to choose pieces that are both unforgettable and daring. A piece with scores of sequins or even a dress that features a sexy cutout are both great options.

Remember - don't hesitate to search far and wide for the dress of your dreams. If you learn how to choose the right item, you'll never get tired of giving your LBD some serious TLC."

TJ Formal has a huge selection of LBDs!

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