Saturday, December 18, 2010

Kristen Stewart talks about Bella's wedding dress

"While a plethora of wedding dresses have made headlines recently, from Crystal Bowersox's organic, beaded number to Katy Petty's Indian attire, there is one gown in particular that women across the country are buzzing about - Bella Swan's ensemble!

Breaking Dawn, the latest installment in the Twilight saga, is set to begin filming soon, and will feature Bella and Edward's much-anticipated nuptials.

While she has yet to try on the wedding dress, Kristen Stewart, who portrays Bella, shared some of her own insight about the fantasy wedding with InStyle magazine.

'Bella would definitely want something classic and simple in white or cream,' she told the news source. Stewart also revealed that Twilight author Stephanie Meyer is completely in control of the gown's design.

However, we wonder if the dress' simplicity is meant to reflect Bella's underlying ambivalence toward the ceremony.

'She doesn't want to get married, but Edward has such different sensibilities and values, so she's going to give him everything [he wants],' Stewart told the publication. '...Usually it's the opposite, usually the girl wants it more. I think it's cute.'"

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