Friday, December 31, 2010

Finding the perfect nude-colored formal dress

"When searching for an effortlessly sexy formal dress, there is one color that stands out above all others - nude! This neutral tone evokes the idea of bare skin, and is less obvious than red silk or black lace. However, selecting a shade can be tricky, as it's easy to end up looking washed out in a nude-colored gown.

According to, the key to finding the perfect hue is picking a color that matches your skin tone. If you have fair skin with warm undertones, for example, a shade that has a slight blush-tint to it is ideal.

Ladies with an olive complexion should opt for a deeper nude, while women with dark skin can wear a gown more akin to cocoa. Remember - the point is to look as if the garment can melt into your skin and practically disappear!

However, since the color can easily fade into your complexion, it's important to select a nude-colored formal dress with subtle embellishments, such as a lacy pattern, ruching, ruffles and pleats. These small adornments will keep the monochromatic piece from appearing boring.

Keep the look cohesive by rocking neutral-hued stilettos as well. If you want to add a pop of color, wear bold pink lipstick or vibrant red nail polish, which won't interfere with your streamlined appearance."


  1. These are just GORGEOUS! Reminds me of the Happy Birthday Mr. President dress Marilyn Monroe wore! So sexy!

  2. There are so many pretty nude dresses out there now. I didn't think I would like them, but they are really growing on me... very sophisticated!

  3. gives me an idea on how to wear it not just the dress but the whole package. love it!