Thursday, December 2, 2010

Blend somber and feminine moods with a few key pieces

"Winter can be a drab time of year, which means our clothing will eventually mimic our moods. Of course, a girl can look somber while still seeming stylish.

According to Lucky Magazine, blending these two ideals together can be quite easy. Women just have to look around for semi-formal dresses that feature a few important details.

To begin, ladies should consider purchasing dresses in silver or gold fabrics. "Metallic gives girly ruffles a cooler edge," the news source reports.

Girls who are headed to an important school dance may want to search for pieces made from these materials. Also, dark, brown shoes should be paired with the ensemble.

"Chocolate feels softer than basic black," according to an expert at the news outlet.

As with all styles, girls looking to make an impression at the next affair they attend should remember to search early. The early bird catches the worm (or the most fabulous dress)!"

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  1. I just LOVE metallic shimmer dresses! They almost always look so rich and luscious!