Tuesday, November 30, 2010

A wedding dress with a simple bodice - avoid it if you can!

"Women who are about to enter marital bliss and aren't much of a flashy kind of girl may be looking at simple wedding dresses at the moment. However, ladies who prefer comfort over craziness may want to tread carefully.

As Glamour.com pointed out, choosing a wedding dress with a simple and plain bodice has its downside - when a bride is photographed from the waist-up at her affair, she might lose her bridal appearance.

"All that'll show is the top, and if it's too simple, you may look like you're wearing a basic tank or tube top in every shot," an analyst from the news source advised.

Girls who aren't into frilly and fancy designs may want to spruce up their look with some bold jewelry. Also, never underestimate the power of a headpiece.

"Looking special in wedding photos is important to every bride I've known, and trust this wedding gown consultant: You'll look almost like you do in everyday life if your gown's plain on top and there's no veil to speak of," the expert advised."

Still set on a simple bodice? Try these ideas to dress up those all-important bridal portraits.

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