Friday, November 19, 2010

Use accessories to add elegance to a semi-formal dress

"There are few things better than finding a semi-formal dress that fits you perfectly, and once you locate the ideal gown, you'll likely want to wear it as often as possible. But sometimes even a dress that fits you flawlessly can seem a bit too casual for a formal affair.

Instead of hanging the number back in your closet, why not dress it up with glamorous accessories? A few basic additions can turn a casual dress into an elegant ensemble.

According to, a jeweled belt is a great way to add a bit of pizazz to a low-key number. "Most women don't think to wear them for dressy events, so you'll stand out from anybody else who may decide to pull out their [little black dress] for the event," the website reports.

Dangly earrings, a cocktail ring and a brightly-hued clutch can also bring some glamor to an understated ensemble.

But when picking out shoes to go with a heavily-accessorized semi-formal dress, you may want to opt for a no-frills pair. A strappy pair of black heels [will] keep your look simply sophisticated," the news source states." 

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