Saturday, November 27, 2010

Princess Diana's wedding gown to be featured in museum exhibition

"It's been almost three decades since Princess Diana married Prince Charles in a ceremony that was broadcast around the world, yet her wedding dress still lives in infamy. Now, some lucky people in the Michigan area are going to be able to stand a few feet away from it.

According to, the Grand Rapids Art Museum will be featuring the exhibition Diana - A Celebration, where 28 of the late Princess of Wales' gowns will be on display. However, it's her unbelievable wedding dress that may garner the most attention.

"It was seen on TV by over a billion people. That's why it's the most famous dress in the world," art handler Graeme Murton told the news outlet.

Women who want to enter wedlock in a wedding dress such as Lady Di's are in luck. While her gown's style was inspired by the trends of the era - big, poofy sleeves and elaborate fabric detailing - such features are slowly coming back in style.

However, there may be one detail that will be hard to emulate - her train!

"I remember the actual wedding, when she came out of the coach, the train just kept coming and coming and coming," Murton told the news source."

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