Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Styling tips for fall fashions

"With autumn here, women diving head first into the finest of fall fashions. But ladies can do more than merely shake up their looks with new pieces of clothing - they can also try a few new styling tips to create some fresh fall ensembles.

Instead of covering your formal dress with a dainty shawl, pair the gown with an edgy leather jacket. "The surprising play of opposites makes for a cool combo," recommends InStyle.com.

However, the news source suggests that if you want to wear a traditional tailored coat over your formal dress, select a jacket that falls above the gown's hemline, not below it, to cheekily showoff a bit of the dress. But remember, if your skirt is peeking out from beneath your overcoat, make sure the two pieces complement one another and that the colors don't clash.

Finally, while too much coordination can leave you appearing too "dyed-to-match," you can keep your look cohesive by wearing a shade of lipstick that matches your formal dress. "Zero in on just your pout, and paint it a shade taken from your outfit," adds the website. "Best to stick with timeless reds or rich, deep tones - steer clear of bubble gum pinks and frosty hues, which could push the look into costume territory."

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