Friday, October 1, 2010

A sheath dress for any shape

"Whether you are attending a cocktail party or are meeting your boyfriend's parents, a sheath dress is a classic style appropriate for many different occasions. But, which one is best for one's body type? While girls of all shapes can wear this semi-formal dress, women should opt for different types of sheaths depending on their figure.

According to Real Simple magazine, ladies with an hourglass shape should look for waist-enhancing seams and a form-fitting cut, but should avoid heavy and stiff fabrics that don't contour to one's body.

Women with full hips and thighs, however, can wear sheaths that boast a bit more volume and detail on top, to balance out the proportions. The news source also suggests staying away from sleeves that cut off at the wrist, as they will line up with the hips and direct eyes to that very area.

Girls with a straight figure should keep their eyes peeled for dresses with built-in curves, with darts and seaming to create a defined, feminine silhouette. "You'll know it when you see it because it will have a great shape even on the hanger," industry insider Gregg Andrews told the publication."

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