Monday, October 18, 2010

Mother of the brides can look sexy at the rehearsal dinner

"When a woman's daughter is about to get married, she certainly wants to help and prepare. Still, mothers of the bride often spend their days and nights obsessing about their own garment for their child's big day.

Of course, ladies shouldn't forget about another celebratory evening - the rehearsal dinner. While this intimate gathering won't be as elaborate as the wedding shindig, the evening provides a woman with the chance to mix, mingle and strut their stuff around the venue.

Actress Patricia Clarkson recently stepped out on the red carpet in a sleek black number that highlighted her sultry side. And while the 50-year-old performer looks at least a decade younger than her real age, she embraced her approaching golden years like a pro.

Women who are on the crux of celebrating their daughter's marriage should be on the lookout for two special dresses - one elegant number to be worn at the wedding, and a slimmer, more fitted piece for the rehearsal. Raise your glass to the happy couple and feel beautiful."

La Femme 2010 Prom Dress 15593 is a very similar dress.

Jovani has a sexy line of Mother of the Bride dresses for rehearsal dinners here at TJ Formal! Here are some gorgeous black options:

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  1. Gorgeous. I really like the one shoulder gowns. SO sleek and trendy. They seem to be all over the red carpet these days