Saturday, October 9, 2010

Finding the perfect plus-size wedding dress

Selecting a wedding dress is never easy - brides of all shapes and sizes obsess over the perfect ensemble for their special day. While some women don formal gowns often, and thus already know how to shop for their shape, other ladies may be starting at square one when looking for their wedding dress.

Full-figured women who don't often wear dresses may feel uneasy when searching for their wedding gown, but with a bit of expert advice, they can easily track down a silhouette that complements their shape perfectly.

According to People StyleWatch, plus-sized ladies have a plethora of options when it comes to the cut of their wedding dress, but should remember the importance of fabric selection. While a matte material can be slimming, a shiny fabric will show every pull.

A gown that features a full skirt can make a woman's upper body look smaller, the publication continues. And, while excess material may seem like it would add extra bulk, a wedding dress with slightly draped fabric that delicately gathers in front can actually help to minimize the stomach.

When selecting a neckline, less fabric may be more. According to the news source, a high-necked style can make a woman seem top-heavy, but a square or sweetheart neck can subtly highlight d├ęcolletage."

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  1. I have looked at your plus size wedding dresses and I must say, they are really lovely! So flattering and stylish. Nice to see the plus size models. I love them.