Saturday, October 2, 2010

Find a formal dress that conceals your problem area

"When getting dressed up for an elegant affair, every woman wants to look her best, and one of the easiest ways to accomplish this is to feel great in what you are wearing. Don't forget - confidence can be your best accessory!

However, since every gal has certain body parts that make them feel self-conscious, selecting a formal dress that conceals particular problem areas is imperative, and not too tricky.

Ladies who want to hide their stomach have a plethora of silhouttes to choose from. According to O Magazine, wrap dresses and empire-waist gowns may disguise any bulges around the midsection. Women can also choose a number that boasts a dark color at the waist, as it helps to conceal a stomach-related problem area.

While some women choose to celebrate their hourglass figure, very voluptuous girls may prefer to play down their curves. The news source suggests that a curve-skimming dress in a matte fabric with an A-line skirt will help to diminish the appearance of a full bottom.

V-necks and sweetheart cuts can help conceal a big bust, and ladies should steer clear of formal dresses that boast high necks and horizontal patterns, as they can make curvaceous females look deceptively thick.

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