Monday, October 25, 2010

Consider color and fabric when selecting a modest-but-sexy formal dress

"When women want to look sexy in a formal dress, they often opt for body-hugging silhouettes that show lots of skin. However, a body-covering gown can be just as sultry as long as fabric type and color are taken into consideration.

At the Venice Film Festival's premiere of Reign of Assassins, Michelle Yeoh stunned onlookers in a formal dress that was sexy without being too revealing, due to the material and hue. The alluring, light emerald tone perfectly complemented the actress' golden skin and the ethereal fabric, which elegantly draped to the floor, subtly hugged her curves while flowing away from her body.

However, the gown did reveal a bit of skin - the one-shoulder number showed off Yeoh's collarbone and upper arms, and highlighted her glowing skin.

Women looking for a sexy formal dress that isn't too revealing should remember the importance of fabric and color selection - a gown doesn't have to have a hem up-to-there to be a sultry show-stopper!

However, those shopping online for a formal dress for an upcoming autumn event may want to place their order as early as possible. Since many gowns are made in China, various holidays, such as the upcoming Mid-Autumn Festival, can impact manufacturing and shipping times."

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  1. I wish there was a better selection of more modest prom dresses. Always have to look at bridesmaid dresses that are too plain or dresses that look too old. Come on, designers, we don't all want to wear a strapless dress, even if we have the figure for it