Sunday, October 10, 2010

Choosing a wedding dress and cake style for the big day

"Selecting the perfect wedding cake can be tricky, but brides who have already found their dream wedding dress may have an advantage, as they can use their gowns as inspiration for their celebration's central confection.

Ladies who opt for more traditional, elegant wedding dresses can keep their cakes simple to complement their ensembles. Sticking with one neutral color for the cake and embellishing tiers with piped icing can bring out the details in the bride's dress and set the tone of the wedding.

Additionally, gals who want a more colorful confection can gain inspiration from the bridesmaid dresses as well. If the bridal party will be walking down the aisle in lilac-colored gowns, select a cake that is adorned with light purple flowers to create a harmonious decor.

Measuring properly and ordering a dress early can give brides more time to plan the rest of their wedding. As soon as the gown arrives, gals will be ready to take on the next wedding-related task!"

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