Friday, October 22, 2010

About the TJ Formal Blog!

We've covered a lot of important information on this blog. Not only what are the latest styles in stock, but information about our store and policies, plus advice about finding a dress and all that goes with that process, and much more! So it's important that you know how to find this information on the blog.

In the black bar above you can just click on a title and you can find:

We also have each post listed in categories in the above boxes:
  • Prom Etc. gives you the latest updates about dress and shoe styles for all special occasions
  • Wedding will show you wedding dresses and other tips for that very important day
  • Bridesmaids shows you great dresses for your maids and other ideas for your wedding party
  • Mother of the Bride has information for the mothers and other guests of the wedding
  • TJ Formal News contains posts about the store and posts that have important information
  • Videos has all the fun videos that are created showing off our designer collections
  • Ask TJFormal has questions from our customers and answers from our staff
  • Celebrity Fashion News is a category showing you what celebrities are wearing and doing in the world of formal fashion.
And finally, you can also use the Search box at the top right of the blog to find posts to answer your questions. We hope take some time to look around the blog to see all the great things going on here at!

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  1. I visited the store when I was in the Joplin area this summer and was VERY impressed! It's large and bright with the most gorgeous gowns. And, lots of displays of shoes, jewelry and odds and ends. It is a beautiful store. Congratulations!