Sunday, October 31, 2010

Fabric selection and pattern choice are key when selecting formal dress

"Given the wide variety of fabrics and colors, finding the perfect dress can be overwhelming. But InStyle magazine recently compiled a short list of basic style rules to follow when shopping.

The right fabric may be key to a flawless ensemble, and women should pay attention to two components - weight and movement. "If a fabric is too stiff, it can look boxy - too thin, and it may cling to every bulge," the publication reports, adding that cotton blended with silk is typically a good choice.

Investing in pieces constructed from high-quality material may be worth it. According to the magazine, cheaper cloths tends to be less flattering, whereas formal dresses made from quality fabric may look better, last longer and hold their shape.

Patterned formal dresses can look great, but the type of print can influence the frock's impact. Women who don't want to make a bold statement should opt for tonal patterns, like pink on red, as the news source states that combinations such as those attract less attention. Ladies looking for a slimming effect, however, should opt for a pattern with a darker background.

By selecting the right fabric and print, any woman can look flawless in a formal dress. And with these tips, shopping for the gown will be a breeze."

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Pick out perfect shapewear under formal dresses and feel super slim

"Every girl wants to look like a starlet in a new formal dress, but even ones that fit perfectly may show off some uncomfortable areas. Face it - girls come in every shape and size, and sometimes bulging body parts can't be helped.

Rebecca Apsan, owner of La Petite Coquette in New York City and author of The Lingerie Handbook, spoke with and gave women the secret to looking super-slim at their next soiree.

"Shapewear and control garments are something every woman needs to have in her wardrobe," she told the news source. "You never know when you are going to need something to hold you in and smooth you out."

Brides-to-be can heed Apsan's advice as well. For women who are headed down the aisle, the undergarment expert recommends choosing skin-colored shapewear.

"You always wear nude under white," she told the news source. "Many women think you wear white under white in order to be invisible, but that is not true."

No matter what, girls should make sure to shop early for formal dresses - and control garments - well in advance of their event. Planning ahead means feeling perfect in your gown!"

TJ Formal has a great selection of shapewear -Body Shapers by Spanx

Friday, October 29, 2010

The one rule of fall fashion - there are no rules

"Primary colors. Loads of layers. It seems as though women are being bombarded with endless tutorials about what to wear this fall, doesn't it?

Good news - according to, there may be only one rule to follow this autumn when it comes to showing off new duds, which is that there are no rules at all.

"You can be glamorous morning, noon and night. You can mix prints. You can wear sequins in the sun. The only rule is to try to look your best and to have fun and feel good about what you're wearing," celebrity stylist and fashion commentator Mary Alice Stephenson told the news outlet.

For women who are scouring through formal dresses at the moment and are yearning to make a huge impression at their next school shindig, this is fantastic news. Girls who aren't afraid to be a bit daring may want to pair a faux-fur jacket over a knee-length number, or even sport a glittery pair of gorgeous high heels.

Whatever a gal decides, all young ladies should heed Stephenson's advice and make sure they're comfortable. Feeling fantastic in a dress can do wonders for a girl's self-confidence."

Thursday, October 28, 2010

'80s-inspired formal dresses are here to stay

"First came the shoulder pads. Next, ruffles on semi-formal dresses. Finally, Mindy Kaling, star and producer of "The Office," made an appearance at the Emmy Awards this past Sunday in a retro-style prom gown, and we can't deny it any longer - the '80s are back and influencing formal dresses everywhere.

First came the shoulder pads. Next, ruffles on semi-formal dresses. Finally, Mindy Kaling, star and producer of "The Office," made an appearance at the Emmy Awards recently in a retro-style prom gown, and we can't deny it any longer - the '80s are back and influencing formal dresses everywhere.

Of course, this is nothing of which women should be frightened. In fact, the infamous decade, which was responsible for loud, boisterous florescent colors and out-of-this-world hairdos, boasted some of the most totally awesome styles the world has ever seen.

Kaling's dress transcended this idea. The adorable lady showed off a black strapless number that featured scores of tulle and satin. The piece, which fell to her knees, was also as poofy as can be.

While women may want to tread carefully with this look, it goes without saying that those 10 special years were jam-packed with pretty pink gowns and dresses that cannot - and should not - be forgotten. Embrace your inner '80s child when searching for dresses and see what happens."

TJ Formal has some great choices for 80's inspired dresses!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Brand new for Prom 2011 - Mori Lee Flaunt!

Mori Lee has a brand new line for Prom 2011 called Flaunt! Slinky, sexy dresses made with sumptuous fabrics and gorgeous colors. Beautiful prints and jewel-toned solids with beads and gems as accents.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Styling tips for fall fashions

"With autumn here, women diving head first into the finest of fall fashions. But ladies can do more than merely shake up their looks with new pieces of clothing - they can also try a few new styling tips to create some fresh fall ensembles.

Instead of covering your formal dress with a dainty shawl, pair the gown with an edgy leather jacket. "The surprising play of opposites makes for a cool combo," recommends

However, the news source suggests that if you want to wear a traditional tailored coat over your formal dress, select a jacket that falls above the gown's hemline, not below it, to cheekily showoff a bit of the dress. But remember, if your skirt is peeking out from beneath your overcoat, make sure the two pieces complement one another and that the colors don't clash.

Finally, while too much coordination can leave you appearing too "dyed-to-match," you can keep your look cohesive by wearing a shade of lipstick that matches your formal dress. "Zero in on just your pout, and paint it a shade taken from your outfit," adds the website. "Best to stick with timeless reds or rich, deep tones - steer clear of bubble gum pinks and frosty hues, which could push the look into costume territory."

Monday, October 25, 2010

Consider color and fabric when selecting a modest-but-sexy formal dress

"When women want to look sexy in a formal dress, they often opt for body-hugging silhouettes that show lots of skin. However, a body-covering gown can be just as sultry as long as fabric type and color are taken into consideration.

At the Venice Film Festival's premiere of Reign of Assassins, Michelle Yeoh stunned onlookers in a formal dress that was sexy without being too revealing, due to the material and hue. The alluring, light emerald tone perfectly complemented the actress' golden skin and the ethereal fabric, which elegantly draped to the floor, subtly hugged her curves while flowing away from her body.

However, the gown did reveal a bit of skin - the one-shoulder number showed off Yeoh's collarbone and upper arms, and highlighted her glowing skin.

Women looking for a sexy formal dress that isn't too revealing should remember the importance of fabric and color selection - a gown doesn't have to have a hem up-to-there to be a sultry show-stopper!

However, those shopping online for a formal dress for an upcoming autumn event may want to place their order as early as possible. Since many gowns are made in China, various holidays, such as the upcoming Mid-Autumn Festival, can impact manufacturing and shipping times."

Friday, October 22, 2010

About the TJ Formal Blog!

We've covered a lot of important information on this blog. Not only what are the latest styles in stock, but information about our store and policies, plus advice about finding a dress and all that goes with that process, and much more! So it's important that you know how to find this information on the blog.

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Thursday, October 21, 2010

It's all about the skirt...

Quinceañera dresses are famous for their large, full, and gorgeous skirts! Whether they are straight layered tulle, or ruffles or pick-ups, they all say "WOW!!"

Tiffany Designs Quinceañera Collection has some stunning new styles just in time for that special 15-year-old.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Ask friends to help you pick a formal dress

"A lot can go into preparing for a formal event. From finding the perfect gown to tracking down ideal accessories to picking out the appropriate makeup, putting together an ensemble can be overwhelming.

But instead of trying to do everything by yourself, ask some friends to help you out. A bit of support may alleviate stress and help you to enjoy the process of getting ready for a big night out!

Even celebrities require assistance when preparing for a fancy event. When asked about her best trick for getting ready for the red carpet, actress Jordana Brewster celebrated the importance of teamwork.

"If it's an important event, a stylist takes the pressure out of finding the right dress and accessories," Brewster told InStyle magazine. "And professional hair and makeup artists have so many tricks for making you look good."

And while we may not all be lucky enough to afford professionals, a good group of girlfriends can do the trick.

When looking for your formal dress, shopping online will make getting second (and third, and fourth!) opinions easy as pie. Simply compile a list of links for gowns that you have your eye on and email the document to your gal pals." makes this a cinch with their "Forward to a Friend" feature - you'll find the button under the photo of every product!

Monday, October 18, 2010

Mother of the brides can look sexy at the rehearsal dinner

"When a woman's daughter is about to get married, she certainly wants to help and prepare. Still, mothers of the bride often spend their days and nights obsessing about their own garment for their child's big day.

Of course, ladies shouldn't forget about another celebratory evening - the rehearsal dinner. While this intimate gathering won't be as elaborate as the wedding shindig, the evening provides a woman with the chance to mix, mingle and strut their stuff around the venue.

Actress Patricia Clarkson recently stepped out on the red carpet in a sleek black number that highlighted her sultry side. And while the 50-year-old performer looks at least a decade younger than her real age, she embraced her approaching golden years like a pro.

Women who are on the crux of celebrating their daughter's marriage should be on the lookout for two special dresses - one elegant number to be worn at the wedding, and a slimmer, more fitted piece for the rehearsal. Raise your glass to the happy couple and feel beautiful."

La Femme 2010 Prom Dress 15593 is a very similar dress.

Jovani has a sexy line of Mother of the Bride dresses for rehearsal dinners here at TJ Formal! Here are some gorgeous black options:

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Finding semi-formal dresses to showcase a newly slim figure

"Whether they've dropped five pounds or 50, it's not surprising that many women want to flaunt their new figure after losing weight, but some gals may not know what to look for when selecting a semi-formal dress to showcase their newly sleek physique.

According to the girls at, there are several components to finding a number that complements a svelter silhouette.

"The best way to show off your trimmed-down frame? Cinch it at the narrowest part - your waist!" writes an analyst on the website. "A form-fitting dress... is the perfect way to show your shape without showing skin."

Toned women may also want to embrace black and sheer materials. The news source reports that while black is naturally slimming, sheer fabrics allow women to get used to showing off their new bod without going over-the-top.

Finally, a few smartly placed cutouts can draw attention to the parts of their body of which women are proudest. A small opening that shows a sliver of skin at the waist, back or shoulder can be an alluring accent that is perfect for women ready to flaunt their figure."

Friday, October 15, 2010

Tim Gunn gives advice for finding a dress for fall

"Looking for a dress to wear for fall? You may want to take a bit of advice from fashion guru Tim Gunn.

Instead of a light yellow gown, opt for an emerald, sapphire and ruby-colored formal dresses. "Citrus colors are going to fade out for fall," the Project Runway host told Allure magazine. "Your best bets are rich, saturated jewel tones, which you can definitely wear into next season."

If you prefer soft pinks and sky blues, however, you may want to reconsider purchasing a frock in such a shade. "I never recommend pastels," Gunn told the news source. "They make women look either babyish or dowdy."

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Dark accessories can take a white semi-formal dress into fall

"White semi-formal dresses seem to be a staple of most women's summer wardrobes - they're fun, flirty and fresh. But just because fall is on its way, you shouldn't cease wearing your beautiful light-colored frocks.

Instead of hanging the little white numbers in the back of your closet, take a cue from some of Hollywood's elite and pair your dress with a bold, black accessory.

At the Munich premiere of her latest film, Knight and Day, Cameron Diaz sashayed down the red carpet in a white frock accented with a thick black sash. The starlet emphasized her long legs with a pair of nude-colored peep-toe pumps that made her stems appear never-ending.

Figure skater-turned-actress Julie Benz rocked a similar style to a recent affair. Benz wore an ivory gown cinched by a striking black belt. The blonde beauty completed her outfit with black platform heels.

To really accomplish the autumn transformation, however, throw on a sleek leather jacket or dark, fitted blazer before stepping out at night. Your light-colored frock will look great as the leaves begin to fall."

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

New! Wedding Dresses by Christina Wu

The House of Wu brings us a new line of stunning wedding dresses by Christina Wu. Beautiful details, full skirts, and exquisite styles.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Brand new product - Exposed Envy

We have a GREAT new product! Exposed Envy is a collection of gorgeous, stunning STRAPS to use with a strapless bra with a strapless, or off-the-shoulder dress. What a fantastic idea! So many dresses are strapless now and if you need some support, it's hard to wear them. But now there is a solution - Exposed Envy straps!

They come in many different variations and colors and are very affordable!

Exposed Envy Rhinestone Bra Strap - Purple Amethyst

Beads - perfect for a wedding gown

A fabric sparkle version is only $7.00 and comes in many colors!!

Very reasonably priced bracelets to match some of the straps are also available!

  Take a look at the whole collection to see all the different options for that sexy strapless dress!

Monday, October 11, 2010

Cobalt Blue is oh-so-beautiful

"The color blue is associated with many emotions, but when we look at this striking hue, one feeling comes to mind - wonderment.

So it's no surprise that starlets have been wearing this unforgettable tone as if it's the next big Hollywood trend. But it seems that one particular shade has been garnering much attention lately - cobalt blue.

The first celeb to bust out a bodacious blue semi-formal dress was none other than model and actress Brande Roderick. The former Baywatch babe stepped out at her book signing in a body-hugging cobalt number that featured a very sexy V-neck.

Never one to miss a trend, Gwyneth Paltrow sported the unforgettable shade as well - on the cover of Vogue. Gwyneth's frock featured a daring, plunging neckline that accentuated her super-hot bod.

Those who are searching for the ideal semi-formal dress at the moment may want to check out different styles in this striking shade. When it comes down to it, the power of cobalt blue should not be underestimated."

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Choosing a wedding dress and cake style for the big day

"Selecting the perfect wedding cake can be tricky, but brides who have already found their dream wedding dress may have an advantage, as they can use their gowns as inspiration for their celebration's central confection.

Ladies who opt for more traditional, elegant wedding dresses can keep their cakes simple to complement their ensembles. Sticking with one neutral color for the cake and embellishing tiers with piped icing can bring out the details in the bride's dress and set the tone of the wedding.

Additionally, gals who want a more colorful confection can gain inspiration from the bridesmaid dresses as well. If the bridal party will be walking down the aisle in lilac-colored gowns, select a cake that is adorned with light purple flowers to create a harmonious decor.

Measuring properly and ordering a dress early can give brides more time to plan the rest of their wedding. As soon as the gown arrives, gals will be ready to take on the next wedding-related task!"

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Finding the perfect plus-size wedding dress

Selecting a wedding dress is never easy - brides of all shapes and sizes obsess over the perfect ensemble for their special day. While some women don formal gowns often, and thus already know how to shop for their shape, other ladies may be starting at square one when looking for their wedding dress.

Full-figured women who don't often wear dresses may feel uneasy when searching for their wedding gown, but with a bit of expert advice, they can easily track down a silhouette that complements their shape perfectly.

According to People StyleWatch, plus-sized ladies have a plethora of options when it comes to the cut of their wedding dress, but should remember the importance of fabric selection. While a matte material can be slimming, a shiny fabric will show every pull.

A gown that features a full skirt can make a woman's upper body look smaller, the publication continues. And, while excess material may seem like it would add extra bulk, a wedding dress with slightly draped fabric that delicately gathers in front can actually help to minimize the stomach.

When selecting a neckline, less fabric may be more. According to the news source, a high-necked style can make a woman seem top-heavy, but a square or sweetheart neck can subtly highlight décolletage."

Friday, October 8, 2010

New Shoes!!

Who can resist a new pair of shoes? Whether they are to match the perfect dress, or just to wear with jeans, we have some great new styles that you'll want to see.

First up is our new line of Allure Shoes - these are seriously unique and fun and are so versatile you can wear them fancy or casual.

One of my favorites is Allure Shoe "Glory" -  can you just imagine these with a great  little black dress or some skinny black jeans?

This Allure Shoe "Star" is covered in sequins - great to match with our many sequined dresses!

Colorful Creations Shoe "Vibrant Pewter" 2279 also comes in Silver

And don't forget the fabulous Dikuza line!

Touch Ups Shoe "Celine" 279 come with 4 different scarves!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Wear a short wedding dress that features traditional details

"Though wedding dresses are available in a multitude of styles, many frocks boast similar features, such as white fabric and floor-length skirts. Some women, however, choose to wear a more modern ensemble, like a gown with a hemline that falls just above their knees.

While she wasn't walking down the aisle, Katharine McPhee recently wore a formal dress that would look beautiful on any blushing bride.

The former American Idol contestant showed up to an event in Foothill Ranch, California, in a dress that featured a few wedding-inspired accents - ivory-colored satin and lace. The shimmery fabric draped elegantly, and stopped just below her thigh to reveal a lace hem.

The songstress paired the gown with an assortment of silver bangles, a cocktail ring and dark-colored pumps, but women who wish to don a similar dress while they exchange vows can wear a simple bracelet and ivory heels.

Whether it's a summer ceremony or an indoor event, a short wedding dress can be just as stylish as traditional, longer gowns - especially when it boasts classic accents."

TJ Formal has just introduced a new Short Wedding Dress department!  Whether you want tea-length or thigh-length, we have the dress for you.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Sequins can make any short dress more glamorous

"Whether you are spending a night on the town or attending an elegant affair, adding a bit of glamor to your ensemble is sure to turn heads - and no adornment is more dazzling than sequins. The shiny discs reflect light and make you sparkle.

At the Hollywood premiere of Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World, actress Amanda Crew stole the spotlight in a silver sequined short dress. The sparkling mini surely caught everybody's attention, as she paired the flirtatious frock with sky-high satin pumps.

Of course, some women may not want to wear a short dress that draws that much attention. Instead of donning a sequin-covered frock, select a piece that utilizes sequins sparingly.

Eva Longoria Parker often rocks ensembles that blend chic sophisticate and sultry glamor girl. Her outfit at the Annual Design Care Event in Beverly Hills was no exception. The brunette beauty wore a silver sheath dress that featured a smattering of sequins along the bodice. The remainder of the dress boasted a light sprinkling of the shiny adornments.

Whether you opt for a short dress covered in sequins or one that features sequined accents, a sparkling frock is a great way to look (and feel!) glamorous."

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Ballerina-inspired party dresses are elegant and lovely

"Is there anything more feminine than a ballerina? It's no wonder that little girls often dream of wearing pretty pastel pinks and frilly material.

While becoming skilled at ballet takes strength and precision, a dancer's grace is undeniable, so it should come as no surprise that the ballerina look has been inspiring semi-formal dresses for decades. And while we wouldn't recommend donning Laura Flynn Boyle's infamous tutu that she sported at the 2003 Emmys, there are lovely ways to embrace this trend at your next soiree.

Take, for example, Mary Lynn Rajskub. The 24 actress made an appearance at the Creative Arts Emmys in a lovely getup that certainly channeled her youth. Her semi-formal dress, which was a pastel pink strapless creation, featured an updated yet understated version of a tutu.

Mary Lynn paired her ensemble with a muted pair of beige high heels. The footwear accentuated her long, luscious legs, reminding the world that she is all woman.

Ladies in search of an ideal semi-formal dress for a fall occasion may want to follow Rajskub's lead and wear a ballerina-inspired ensemble. Look adorable for homecoming and sexy at the prom."

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Finding a great mother-of-the-bride dress for fall

"As fall wedding season approaches, many brides have already selected their dream dress for their big day. But what about their moms? Mother-of-the-bride dresses can be tricky to track down, as the ensemble must be age appropriate yet stylish, as well as elegant yet suitable for the season.

While she wasn't walking either of her children down the aisle, Kyra Sedgwick recently stepped out in a gown perfect for any woman ready to give her daughter away. From cut to color, the Closer star looked absolutely flawless at The Academy of Television Arts & Sciences' Performers Peer Group party in Beverly Hills, California.

Sedgwick's gown seamlessly blended understated elegance with modern sexiness, as the gown's satin fabric and cinched waist added a touch of glamor to the long-sleeved silhouette. And the midnight blue color would be perfect for an autumn wedding, as the hue is both cool and rich.

Women shopping for mother-of-the-bride dresses should pick items that are appropriate for the season and their age, but should remember that they don't have to compromise style to do so! Ladies can look online to find a flattering, elegant gown perfect for their children's upcoming vows."

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Find a formal dress that conceals your problem area

"When getting dressed up for an elegant affair, every woman wants to look her best, and one of the easiest ways to accomplish this is to feel great in what you are wearing. Don't forget - confidence can be your best accessory!

However, since every gal has certain body parts that make them feel self-conscious, selecting a formal dress that conceals particular problem areas is imperative, and not too tricky.

Ladies who want to hide their stomach have a plethora of silhouttes to choose from. According to O Magazine, wrap dresses and empire-waist gowns may disguise any bulges around the midsection. Women can also choose a number that boasts a dark color at the waist, as it helps to conceal a stomach-related problem area.

While some women choose to celebrate their hourglass figure, very voluptuous girls may prefer to play down their curves. The news source suggests that a curve-skimming dress in a matte fabric with an A-line skirt will help to diminish the appearance of a full bottom.

V-necks and sweetheart cuts can help conceal a big bust, and ladies should steer clear of formal dresses that boast high necks and horizontal patterns, as they can make curvaceous females look deceptively thick.

Friday, October 1, 2010

A sheath dress for any shape

"Whether you are attending a cocktail party or are meeting your boyfriend's parents, a sheath dress is a classic style appropriate for many different occasions. But, which one is best for one's body type? While girls of all shapes can wear this semi-formal dress, women should opt for different types of sheaths depending on their figure.

According to Real Simple magazine, ladies with an hourglass shape should look for waist-enhancing seams and a form-fitting cut, but should avoid heavy and stiff fabrics that don't contour to one's body.

Women with full hips and thighs, however, can wear sheaths that boast a bit more volume and detail on top, to balance out the proportions. The news source also suggests staying away from sleeves that cut off at the wrist, as they will line up with the hips and direct eyes to that very area.

Girls with a straight figure should keep their eyes peeled for dresses with built-in curves, with darts and seaming to create a defined, feminine silhouette. "You'll know it when you see it because it will have a great shape even on the hanger," industry insider Gregg Andrews told the publication."