Friday, September 3, 2010

Redheads will shine in emerald green formal dresses

"When selecting formal dresses, women are often told to shop for their shape, but some ladies may want to begin selecting their gowns based on another attribute - their hair color.

Redheads in particular may have a difficult time choosing a hue for their formal dresses, as most advice for women with fiery locks involve which colors not to wear - often pinks, reds and oranges. However, according to, there is one shade that looks great on redheads and is appropriate for the upcoming season - emerald green.

When asked why the rich jewel tone looks so fantastic on red-haired women, the news source suggests basic principles once learned in art class. "Red and green are complimentary colors [they sit across from each other on the color wheel], so they bring out the best tones in one another," the website reports.

In addition to giving hair a boost, those with a pale complexion may also benefit from being paired with an emerald gown. "Redheads also tend to have fair skin, and a rich shade of emerald can help highlight that dewy glow, instead of washing you out, like a lot of other colors can," the news provider added."


  1. Both of these dresses are beautiful!!

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