Saturday, September 25, 2010

Pair a formal dress with high heels, and stay comfortable

"There are few feelings better than finding the perfect formal dress for an upcoming event, and when the big night comes, you'll want your gown to look its best. A gorgeous pair of high heels is a great way to accent your fancy frock, but the shoes may wreak havoc on your feet.

Instead of sacrificing style for comfort, strap on those stilettos and follow a few tips to help keep your feet feeling great throughout the night.

If your shoes are new, or if you have yet to wear them, break-in the heels before the event. Camilla Morton, author of How to Walk in High Heels, told to wear your stilettos to the supermarket. "As you stock up on groceries, use the cart for balance while your feet get used to the new high heel."

Once you've worn the heels, assess where you feel discomfort, as those are the areas that will become painful after four hours of wear, shoe expert and author Meghan Cleary told the news source. Invest in padding or bandages to keep the shoes from harming your feet." has a complete line of  Foot Petals to keep your feet comfy and satisfied even when wearing those highest of heels! 



  1. I love foot petals!

  2. I used foot petals on my wedding shoes and they were so comfortable all night!