Monday, September 13, 2010

January Jones grabs attention in a fashion-forward formal dress

"The red carpet at the Emmy Awards is typically lined with beautiful stars in glamorous ensembles, all of whom look breathtaking. Each year, however, there is one formal dress that seems to divide popular opinion and leaves onlookers dazzled or disappointed.

This year, the divisive gown seemed to be January Jones' electric blue number that featured paillette-like ruffles and a hoop skirt with an asymmetrical hemline. The Mad Men star spoke to InStyle magazine about her fashion-forward outfit.

"I just felt like a bird. I love it. It's like a piece of art," the blonde bombshell told the publication. "It's great to walk in because it's short in the front. Turning is a bit tricky, but we'll see how I feel after sitting in it for five hours."

Not so surprisingly, it seems that putting on the gown wasn't a one-person job. "I had assistance [getting into the dress]. There's just two zippers. The corset zip and the outside zip." Jones added.

Women who want to make a serious statement at an upscale event can wear a fashion-forward formal dress as long as they are as happy with it and as comfortable in it as Jones was. You want to wear the gown, and without the right amount of confidence, the gown may wear you!"

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