Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Ask TJFormal: Getting out a makeup stain on a semi-formal dress

Q: How do I get a stain out of my dress?

"Accidents happen - even when you go out of your way to be careful - and there is nothing worse than putting on the perfect semi-formal dress and ruining it with a splotch of makeup before you head out. Instead of hanging the garment back in your closet, there are a few quick home remedies that you can employ to remove the stubborn stain.

Sometimes, getting makeup on a gown seems unavoidable - some may rub off as you put your dress on, or you may spill some as you are getting ready. According to Yahoo! Shine, you can remove foundation with items commonly found in your kitchen.

"Sprinkle [baking soda] onto the stain until it's completely covered and press it gently into the fabric," the website advises. "Wet a nailbrush or a toothbrush and lightly brush the spot. If any makeup remains, repeat the process until all traces have disappeared."

Of course, before you try any stain treatment, do a bit of research on your semi-formal dress' fabric. If the material can be thrown into the washing machine, a piece of white bread may also do the trick. "Blot up liquid foundation makeup spills on washable fabrics using a piece of fresh white bread kneaded into a ball," the news source added."

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