Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Formal dresses with pockets - yay or nay?

"Formal dresses often make women feel super feminine, but, let's face it - they don't pair well with an oversized bag. Women often have to squeeze all their goods into a miniature clutch before painting the town red.

So when a girl comes across a semi-formal dress with pockets in them, should she purchase the piece? There is some debate as to whether this style looks hot or hideous.

Model Helena Christensen was recently spotted in a black semi-formal dress that had this intriguing detail on it. The leggy lady had her hands resting comfortably in her pockets and seemed to be embracing her inner Zen.

And who can forget Jennifer Hudson's infamous Oscar piece? The gorgeous singer and actress showed up to the Academy Awards in a striking brown number that featured two obvious side pouches. The starlet was snapped without a purse, and it looks like she couldn't have been any happier about it.

Girls who are willing to take a chance on this style can place their most important valuables in their pockets and reap the benefits of remaining hands-free. Zip up and get down."

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