Monday, August 2, 2010

Short wedding dresses can be trendy and cute!

"Most brides fantasize about wearing an elaborate, princess-style wedding dress with a 20-foot train. Still, it goes without saying that there are women out there who desire a more mellow marital celebration.

Good news - according to the Los Angeles Times, short wedding dresses may be the next big thing.

"I don't think a length is as important as the design and the feeling of the dress," Randy Fenoli of TLC's Say Yes to the Dress, told the news source. "You could have a modern chic dress that's very slim and ruched and tight-fitting that could be great for a chic, modern wedding or a fluffy ruffled short dress that's very fun and frilly for a fun atmosphere."

The news source points to television shows such as Mad Men for the mod-inspiration and Sex and the City for sparking women's desire to show off their footwear on their big day. Still, Fenoli maintains that short wedding dresses can make a bride look fantastic.

"The average height of a woman is 5-foot-5 and petite starts at 5-foot-4. Having something with a natural waistline or empire waistline will make her legs look longer," he told the news source."

TJFormal carries several short wedding dresses from designers like Mori Lee and Casablanca. But there are many other beautiful short white dresses that would also work for a wedding dress!

If you decide to go short for your wedding, the shoes will be even more important! So be sure to choose the perfect pair to compliment your gorgeous short wedding dress!

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