Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Shop cheap, look like a million bucks

"Some girls think that a new semi-formal dress is needed for every soiree they attend. While this sounds incredible, a hefty budget is needed to make this work!

Believe it or not, it's possible to change things up with a few staple dresses. The key is to accessorize and think outside the box.

Ashley Benson, who stars in the new ABC Family show Pretty Little Liars, spoke with about the series' costume designer, Mandi Line.

"Mandi is so great with creating outfits," Benson told the news source. "She buys a lot of basic pieces and then adds fabric or lace to tops, adds studs to jeans, and she makes a lot of jewelry as well. It's all so cheap and unique, and you'll be the only person wearing it."

Girls scouring through formal dresses at the moment may want to test out Line celebrity style secret. Single-color, floor-length gowns can look unique and different when paired with different jewelry, a different belt, or a variety of high heels.

It looks like Benson has the right idea when it comes to this trend.

"It's nice to buy less expensive clothes and make them dope by adding a few things that reflect your personal style," she told the news outlet."

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