Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Kelly Rowland rocks a long-sleeved mini-dress

"When it comes to looking sexy in formal wear, girls have plenty of options. Women can either choose a mini-dress that shows off their legs or a strapless number that highlights their shoulders.

Of course, picking a semi-formal dress that features both of these details can be tricky. While it's always wonderful to flaunt certain body parts, if a girl wants to look refined, sometimes less can be more.

Kelly Rowland, the beautiful chanteuse and former member of Destiny's Child, showed up to an event in Nashville, Tennessee, exuding sexiness and class. The talented woman donned a remarkable black and white mini-dress that featured elegant long sleeves.

This is a wonderful look for women scouring through semi-formal dresses at the moment. Girls can also pair a piece such as Rowland's with sky-high pumps, which will give their legs more length and allow them to feel like the most luscious woman in the room.

Keeping one's arms covered always adds a bit of mystery to a look. Remember, those who want to snag the attention of onlookers shouldn't give everything away at once!"

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  1. You sure don't see many long sleeved cocktail dresses - these are beautiful!