Monday, August 2, 2010

Cut outs on formal dresses add a bit of sexiness and flair

"When it comes to looking sexy, sometimes less can be more. When looking through formal dresses, women should remember that cutouts provide a remarkable way to look sexy and elegant, all at once. The dress detail - small openings in surprising areas - lets a girl show some skin and still appear classy.

Mary Murphy, the former judge for So You Think You Can Dance, showed up to a recent event dressed in a vibrant purple number. The piece, which was knee-length and formfitting, featured a cleavage-revealing cutout just beneath her neck.

However, while showing off a pair of long luscious legs or a toned midriff is bound to make a lasting impression, opting for more than one of these details may seem overpowering.

Girls who want to make their mark at a soiree but often shy away from slinky pieces should opt for formal dresses that feature cutouts. A backless gown or a frock with snippets missing from its side is bound to leave men drooling, women reeling and the entire world begging for more."

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