Friday, July 16, 2010

Tips to help find the ideal shade of Orange!

Women who want to turn heads often opt for a bold color, and orange is a surefire way to make a statement when donning a formal dress. While wearing the hue may be intimidating at first, finding the perfect orange-colored gown is easy, as long as you select the ideal shade.

From the lightest peach to the deepest amber, there is a limitless amount of orange shades, which can be overwhelming. But, according to experts at InStyle Magazine, consider your hair color and skin tone when selecting your gown.

If you have a golden blonde mane, look for cantaloupe-colored formal dresses, as the muted hue will flatter you, the news source reports.

 Brunette beauties and those with olive skin, however, should opt for a deeper tone, like mango.

Women with a darker complexion can rock a bolder color, according to the news source, and will look ravishing in a tangerine-colored frock.

Ladies looking for a richer hue should consider a burnt orange gown. The deep rust-like tone is a popular shade this season, and an excellent choice for the summer and fall.

To find their ideal shade of orange, women can browse online at Online shopping allows girls to peruse a variety of dresses instantly, and whether they have raven hair or honey-colored locks, it will be a cinch to find an orange-colored formal dress in an ideal shade.


  1. Thanks for this! Sometimes orange can be harsh, but my daughter's skin just glows when she wears muted shades of burnt orange. It brings out the peachy tones in her skin. I used to shy away from orange, but coral and peachy shades are so flattering.

  2. Orange is such a great color to wear to stand out, or to coordinate with the season. Really versatile!