Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Mixing pink and orange - yes, it can be done!

"When it comes to sheer beauty, there's often nothing as awe-inspiring and magically beautiful as a sunset. Every so often the sky is ignited with splendid hues of pink and orange, which blend together in picture-perfect fashion.

So when it comes to semi-formal dresses, why do most girls shy away from mixing these two unique colors? While pink and orange look incredible on their own, when paired together, they can truly make a woman shine.

Kendra Wilkinson made an appearance at The Moorea Beach Club this past weekend and looked ravishing in a pink and orange party dress. Her flowy frock, which also featured bits of yellow, was complemented by a beautiful brown pair of heels.

Girls who want to mimic Kendra's getup have many options available to them. They key is to start searching early and find dresses that feature new and exciting hues.

While clashing is certainly a no-no, women shouldn't be afraid to take some chances. More often than not, being courageous will reward a gal in the end."

But of course TJFormal has pink and orange dresses!