Sunday, July 25, 2010

LaLa Vasquez ties the knot in a gorgeous wedding dress

"Stars - they really are just like us! LaLa Vazquez, the former MTV veejay, proved this theory when she tied the knot with her basketball boyfriend Carmelo Anthony this past weekend in a wedding dress fit for a queen but simple enough for any girl in the world.

Vazquez wore a strapless gown that featured multiple layers. It also appeared to be accentuated by a thick belt along her waistline, which showcased her flawless feminine figure.

There was an eye-catching, unique detail to the piece, however. Along the wedding dress' neckline, some material was peeking out from underneath. The addition gave LaLa an intense look while adding some extra zing.

Of course, little add-ons such as this are easy to find on wedding dresses. Perhaps some girls might choose a silk flower blossom to rest on their shoulder, while others would enjoy extra beaded designs on a gown's bodice.

The key for brides-to-be is to hunt down multiple styles online and see what silhouette fits their fancy. Sit back, relax, and let your fingers do the shopping."

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