Thursday, July 8, 2010

Kristen Stewart at Eclipse Premiere in Rome

"Everyone knows that good things often come in wonderfully-wrapped packages. Women currently deciding on a gorgeous pageant gown may want to remember this age-old saying while shopping for the perfect winning number.

And, just like a gorgeously decorated present, some of the most eye-catching dresses have ruffles. The detail shows the world that the fashionista is there to see and be seen and that she chose her outfit for its attention-grabbing capabilities.

Kristen Stewart was caught in one such dress at The Twilight Sage: Eclipse premiere in Rome. Her small black ditty had a gigantic ruffle that started at her collarbone and engulfed one of her shoulders. It was flashy and fantastic all at once.

Dresses that emulate this design may be perfect for women looking to make their mark on a stage during competition. The piece is often unforgettable and yet can be striking and stunning.

Women should make sure to start shopping early in order find the best color to suit their personality and sense of style. You want to be yourself in front of the judges, while showing them everything you've got."

Kristen Stewart's black dress for the Eclipse Premiere in Rome

is similar to Sherri Hill 2010 Homecoming Dress 5300 with the ruffled neckline and ruffle at the skirt.