Saturday, July 31, 2010

Rose-colored bridesmaid dresses are fantastic for fall

"When some girls dream of their fairytale wedding, pink bridesmaid dresses are part of the plan. But incorporating this color into their bridal party can be difficult - many shades appear too immature, and some grooms may complain that pink is simply too feminine.

While springtime brides can easily blend whisper-soft pinks and peaches into their celebration, those who are getting married in autumn, a season which usually requires richer tones, can still outfit their bridesmaids in the gorgeous color by opting for a deeper shade like rose.

Rose-colored bridesmaid dresses are both warm and romantic, and rich enough to keep the ceremony from looking too girlish. Those who doubt the power of deep pink can look to Jennifer Garner, who attended the opening of the Casino Club in White Sulphur Springs, West Virginia, in a breath-taking rose gown.

Finding the perfect shade, however, can take time, so women who want to wrap their bridesmaids in rose-colored fabric should start looking for dresses right away. Shopping online can help to expedite the process, as brides-to-be can sort through hundreds of dresses with the click of a button."

Friday, July 30, 2010

Floral prints are perfect party dresses

"If there's any print that's perfect for the warm weather, it's floral. Girls can don leopard and zebra designs from the first snowfall until the leaves start changing color, but floral usually best serves a woman when it's hot, humid and tropical.

Of course, this past month has been a scorcher in most states. So why not embrace this trend and wear a floral dress to an upcoming shindig? Ladies who don't own a dress of this nature can take advantage of endless online sales.

Fiona Bruce, the lovely British journalist and television presenter, showed up to a recent event dressed to the nines in this stunning design. The brunette beauty had on a knee-length, formfitting floral number that was accentuated by a thick flower-printed belt. The piece was feminine and stylish, marking her place as trendsetter.

With the recent heat wave, you can bet that friends and family will be planning an outdoor soiree to mingle with some refreshing drinks in hand. Wear a floral frock to the next bash and get ready to turn heads all night long."

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Ask TJ Formal: What colors look best on me?

Q: Can you help me determine my best colors to wear?
Did you ever try on a dress you love, then look in the mirror and go "Yuck!" - most likely it's because the color is not correct for your coloring. Your skin tone and hair color can help you decide which colors look best on you.
Traditionally, colors are likened to a season - Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter. Once you determine your "season" then it will be easier to find the colors that look the prettiest on you!
Winter:  dark hair and eyes, dark skin or dark hair and light skin
  • Looks best in: White, Navy, Black, Red, Pink, Light Colors, Yellow
  • Avoid: Beige, orange, gold

 Summer:  light hair and eyes, pale or medium skin
  • Looks best in: pastels, neutrals, rose and blue undertones, plum, lavender/lilac, brown, burgundy, light blue,
  • Avoid: intense, vivid hues or earth tones

 Autumn:  Golden or light skin, copper red, neutral or light hair.
  • Looks best in: warm colors, camel, beige, olive, orange, gold, brown, purple, rust, navy, teal/turquoise, ivory
  • Avoid: grey, white, pink, peach, light yellow

Spring: light to olive skin, light hair, reds, blonde or dark hair.
  • Looks best in: camel, golden yellow, brown, aqua, ivory, green, red, coral, black
  • Avoid: dull or muted colors

Next time you look in the mirror and something just doesn't look right, try switching to a different color based on your skin and hair colors. You will be amazed at the difference!

Armed with what colors look best on you and what body style you are, it will be a cinch to pick out the perfect dress that looks perfect on you!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Mixing pink and orange - yes, it can be done!

"When it comes to sheer beauty, there's often nothing as awe-inspiring and magically beautiful as a sunset. Every so often the sky is ignited with splendid hues of pink and orange, which blend together in picture-perfect fashion.

So when it comes to semi-formal dresses, why do most girls shy away from mixing these two unique colors? While pink and orange look incredible on their own, when paired together, they can truly make a woman shine.

Kendra Wilkinson made an appearance at The Moorea Beach Club this past weekend and looked ravishing in a pink and orange party dress. Her flowy frock, which also featured bits of yellow, was complemented by a beautiful brown pair of heels.

Girls who want to mimic Kendra's getup have many options available to them. They key is to start searching early and find dresses that feature new and exciting hues.

While clashing is certainly a no-no, women shouldn't be afraid to take some chances. More often than not, being courageous will reward a gal in the end."

But of course TJFormal has pink and orange dresses!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Wedding dresses - to bead, or not to bead?

"When a woman envisions her walk down the aisle, one of the biggest mysteries is what she will wear on her special day. Searching for wedding dresses can be a wonderful experience, but it also means sifting through endless options to choose a single frock for the affair.

Of course, aside from style and silhouette, a girl must figure out how much beading she desires. It may not be obvious, but the intricate detail can take a gown from simple to complex in an instant.

Girls who are certain they want to be covered in beading should take the time to search high and low for different styles. While certain adornments (such as sequins) look magnificent, their affect on a piece can be dramatic.

As always, the key to finding the gown of one's dreams is by beginning the search early. As soon as a ring is slipped on a girl's finger, she can do herself a favor by starting her quest for 'the' dress."

At TJFormal we have wedding dress styles that are simple, yet elegant, with minimal beading, and extravagant and stunning with beading galore.

Mori Lee Voyage Wedding Dress 6141 has scattered beads on the bodice that accent the elegant simplicity of this gown.

Casablanca Wedding Dress 1860 has dramatic beading and lace over the entire gown.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Grab attention in a dress with an elaborate back!

"Many girls looking for pretty party dresses opt for items that feature detail along the neckline, bust or hem, but those who want to make a statement can also don a frock with an embellished back.

Many girls looking for pretty party dresses opt for items that feature detail along the neckline, bust or hem, but those who want to make a statement can also don a frock with an embellished back.

Elizabeth Gillies, known to her tween fans as Jade West on Nickelodeon's Victorious, stepped onto the red carpet at last week's The Last Airbender New York City premiere wearing a simple short dress, which featured a bit of black detailing near the collar. While every inch of the demure number looked gorgeous, it was the outfit's back that truly wowed the crowd.

The short dress, which appeared so simple from the front, featured an open back adorned with bold black and gold straps. Gillies drew attention to the striking details by pairing the number with platform sandals that matched the dark pieces of fabric.

Girls looking for a fresh style to rock should consider tracking down a dress with a detailed back, as this embellishment is sure to turn heads."

Casablanca Bridal

New wedding gowns by Casablanca Bridal are elegant, beautiful, with attention to all the details that make the dress perfect for you.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

LaLa Vasquez ties the knot in a gorgeous wedding dress

"Stars - they really are just like us! LaLa Vazquez, the former MTV veejay, proved this theory when she tied the knot with her basketball boyfriend Carmelo Anthony this past weekend in a wedding dress fit for a queen but simple enough for any girl in the world.

Vazquez wore a strapless gown that featured multiple layers. It also appeared to be accentuated by a thick belt along her waistline, which showcased her flawless feminine figure.

There was an eye-catching, unique detail to the piece, however. Along the wedding dress' neckline, some material was peeking out from underneath. The addition gave LaLa an intense look while adding some extra zing.

Of course, little add-ons such as this are easy to find on wedding dresses. Perhaps some girls might choose a silk flower blossom to rest on their shoulder, while others would enjoy extra beaded designs on a gown's bodice.

The key for brides-to-be is to hunt down multiple styles online and see what silhouette fits their fancy. Sit back, relax, and let your fingers do the shopping."

Check out the wedding dresses we carry here at!

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Landa Designs Cocktail Dresses for Fall

Landa Designs has a cute and flirty collection of cocktail dresses that are fantasticaly priced!  Just perfect for that night on the town.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Ashley Greene shows off a sparkling silver cocktail dress

"While all fabrics work for cocktail dresses, ones that sparkle often bring an outfit to an entirely new dimension. A shimmery material often combines sexy and feminine ideals without seeming too outrageous.

While all fabrics work for cocktail dresses, ones that sparkle can bring an outfit to an entirely new dimension. A shimmery material often combines sexy and feminine ideals without seeming too outrageous.

It's no wonder that Ashley Greene, star of The Twilight Saga: Eclipse, knows this. The beautiful young starlet is often spotted in super trendy pieces and seems to own the perfect balance of adventurous and elegant frocks.

Greene made an appearance at one of the vampire film's abundant screenings in a silver sparkling mini-dress and embodied perfection. The number was complemented by a pair of glistening grey pumps and gorgeous diamond earrings, while her magnificent silver sparkling clutch handbag was the cherry on top.

Girls who are looking to make their mark at a semi-formal or nighttime affair may want to look for glittery, eye-catching dresses. The trick is to start shopping early and see if this style feels comfortable.

Keep in mind, the piece will help a young woman garner everyone's attention and remind the world it's their turn to shine."

TJFormal is the right place to find a glittering silver cocktail dress!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Nicky Hilton shows off cute one-shoulder mini dress

"Wedding season is here, which means brides around the world are currently searching for an incredible wedding dress.

However, there's another detail that often boggles the minds of brides-to-be - sifting through scores of bridesmaid dresses. Girls who are in the midst of wedding planning may have a tough time finding one that matches their vision while keeping their bridesmaids happy.

Women who are undecided on what their girls will be wearing can turn to the celebrities for ideas. In fact, Nicky Hilton was recently spotted on the red carpet in a sleek and sexy number that would look fabulous at any wedding.

The one-shoulder black dress is attention-grabbing, but certainly wouldn't overshadow the bride. Also, since the look was formal and yet simple, the silhouette would look beautiful on women of all sizes.

Of course, one of the best actions a bride-to-be can take is to shop online for dresses. After viewing a number of styles that pique her interest, she could email choices to her girls for feedback.

Instead of trekking out to a store and coming up empty-handed, an internet-savvy woman can plan most of her wedding from - believe it or not - her couch!"

TJ Formal has several choices for bridesmaid dresses that are one-shouldered.

Rina di Montella - new for Fall 2010!

Rina di Montella has done it again with a spectacular collection of evening gowns perfect for Mother of the Bride/Groom and any special event.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Formal dresses can be shiny and shimmery!

"Formal dresses are often floor-length, but that doesn't mean a cute cocktail dress can't turn heads at a soiree.

In fact, Jennifer Lopez was snapped by paparazzi at an Apollo Theater benefit concert looking bodacious and yet beautiful in a shimmery sexy number that sparkled in the paparazzi lights.
The Jenny from the Block chanteuse reminded women that while gowns that fall to the ground are striking, ones that reach to a girl's knees can also be considered formal wear. Her look perfectly complemented her husband Marc Anthony, who looked dapper in a suit and tie.

However, what good will an elegant ensemble do for a girl unless she shops early? Most dresses are manufactured in China, and between our own vacations and the Chinese New Year - a holiday when workers take two to three weeks off - women should make sure to pick out the dress of their dreams as soon as possible.

We're sure Lopez knew exactly what she was wearing weeks ahead of the affair - with all the events she attends, she better!"

Other shiny and shimmery dresses are available here at!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Lea Michele looks flawless in two dresses at Tony Awards

"From the Emmys to the Golden Globes, Lea Michele is quickly becoming a red carpet staple, and last night's Tony Awards ceremony was no exception. The Glee starlet dazzled in a strapless mustard-colored gown with a flowing train.

But it may not have been the bold color choice that wowed the crowd. Michele's floor length dress fit her perfectly, and flattered the Broadway actress' petite figure.

Later in the night, Michele donned an elegant cream frock, which flowed behind her as she sang down the aisles of the theater and across the stage. Again, like her yellow ensemble, the gown fit the rising star like a glove.

As girls around the country prepare for prom, young fashionistas may want to take some style tips from Lea Michele. Finding a perfectly fitting prom dress can be the key to creating a flawless look.

Remember - how you feel is just as important as how you look. An ill-fitting prom dress may require constant readjustments, not to mention impede on the amount you can boogie on the dance floor!"

Be sure to check out TJ Formal's tips for finding the perfect-fitting dress!

Faviana for Fall 2010

Faviana's new fall collection is full of special details. Highly-embellished straps and interesting backs set this collection apart.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Women with curves should embrace their beautiful bodies

"Everyone remembers the film Real Women Have Curves, and for good reason. The film, which starred a pre-Ugly Betty America Ferrera, carried the message that fabulous females don't have to be stick thin to look incredible.

It seems like Jennifer Love Hewitt, who has received a fair amount of slack from the press for putting on some pounds, is finally embracing this idea.

'I'd want to have Gisele Bundchen's body. Even though she's tall and skinny, she does have curves and I think that's hot,' The Ghost Whisperer actress told

We're not sure if Bundchen has to worry about her waistline increasing, but we have to agree that a full, hourglass figure can be beautiful. Whether a girl is in the midst of shopping for prom gowns or rummaging through endless amounts of formal dresses, ladies should remember that sexy-plus size dresses are out there.

However, it's always important to shop early to ensure you remain snug as a bug. Whether you prefer a formfitting cocktail dress or are leaning towards a loose ball gown, conducting your search early will guarantee you have the night of your life."

TJ Formal has several plus-size departments. Plus Size Prom, which includes fabulous dresses from Faviana, Night Moves and others. Of course, bridal gowns and bridesmaid dresses, and most Mother of the Bride dresses also come in plus sizes.

Ask TJ Formal: How fast can I get a bridesmaid dress?

Q: How fast can I get a bridesmaid dress?

Many bridesmaid dresses take at least 2-3 months to arrive. There are so many colors available for bridesmaid dresses, plus even more if they have a 2nd trim color, that neither our store, nor the manufacturer can keep all of them, in all sizes, in stock.

If you need the dresses soon, but can wait a few weeks, we do have certain dresses available for Quick Delivery. These are best-selling styles in limited colors that the manufacturer keeps in stock as much as possible. Some dresses can be delivered in as little as 1 week, while others take 4-7 weeks. In addition, some manufacturers offer a Rush delivery for an extra fee.

However, if you are in a hurry and are flexible with color and size, we do have some in stock that are worth checking out in our In Stock department. For example, we have a size 12 in Blush in stock in Sophia Tolli Bridesmaid Dress BY1964. Don't be confused by the delivery option in the box that says "Regular Delivery 10-11 weeks", dresses are in stock in our store if they have a box with "Or Select from Items Ready to Ship" stated on it. All in all, though, it's always a good idea to check with us via an email or live chat to make sure it's still in stock.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Find your dream wedding dress - but make sure it's comfortable!

"Every woman dreams about what she'll be wearing when she says "I do," and often brides-to-be pore over dresses of every shape, fit and style.

However, there's one small detail that's often overlooked - comfort!

It's a universal conundrum - does one buy a tight-fitting gown and look slimmer, or go with a perfect fit and feel great all night long? Diane Kruger, star of Inglourious Basterds, recently spoke with Allure about this debacle while enjoying a night on the town.

"Two years ago, I wore an haute couture gown to the Venice Film Festival, and it had a full-on corset - it was gorgeous, but it was a runway piece, and it hadn't been made for life," she told the news outlet.

It sounds absolutely lovely! Still, Kruger goes on to explain how unpleasant her night became.

"The bodice didn't have one of those openings at the bottom. I nearly fainted because it was so tight, and I had to go to the bathroom so badly, but it would have taken an hour to get out of that dress."

Women in search of their dream wedding dress should take a cue from the starlet's experience. Shopping early allows all girls to find the perfect fit and style and walk down the aisle in the dress of their dreams."

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Experts remind women to shop early for Mother of the Bride dresses

"Picking out the perfect wedding gown is definitely a challenge, as is finding the ideal mother of the bride dress. According to experts, women who are walking their daughters down the aisle may want to start shopping for an outfit as early as possible.

"It's a misconception that a mother of the bride can walk into a store at the very last minute and find the perfect dress. It doesn't happen often," Lynn Carbonneau, who owns a Massachusetts boutique, told Worcester Living.

Shop owner Eileen R. Grosse agrees, telling the news source that a good rule of thumb is to allow at least six months to find a mother of the bride dress. "Don't wait until the last minute," Grosse added. "I can't stress that enough."

Mothers may want to check out an online shop - instead of spending hours traveling to different stores, women can look through hundreds of dresses from the comfort of their home.

Daughters looking for the perfect mother of the bride dress may also enjoy the ease of online shopping at Brides-to-be can comb through images of gowns and send a select few to her mother or mother-in-law to choose from."

Friday, July 16, 2010

Tips to help find the ideal shade of Orange!

Women who want to turn heads often opt for a bold color, and orange is a surefire way to make a statement when donning a formal dress. While wearing the hue may be intimidating at first, finding the perfect orange-colored gown is easy, as long as you select the ideal shade.

From the lightest peach to the deepest amber, there is a limitless amount of orange shades, which can be overwhelming. But, according to experts at InStyle Magazine, consider your hair color and skin tone when selecting your gown.

If you have a golden blonde mane, look for cantaloupe-colored formal dresses, as the muted hue will flatter you, the news source reports.

 Brunette beauties and those with olive skin, however, should opt for a deeper tone, like mango.

Women with a darker complexion can rock a bolder color, according to the news source, and will look ravishing in a tangerine-colored frock.

Ladies looking for a richer hue should consider a burnt orange gown. The deep rust-like tone is a popular shade this season, and an excellent choice for the summer and fall.

To find their ideal shade of orange, women can browse online at Online shopping allows girls to peruse a variety of dresses instantly, and whether they have raven hair or honey-colored locks, it will be a cinch to find an orange-colored formal dress in an ideal shade.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Stealing the spotlight in a jewel-embellished dress...

In celebrity fashion news...

"Whether you're going on a date with a great new guy or heading out for girls night with your closest gal pals, it's always fun to get dressed up for a night out. Women who are looking to paint the town red may want to do so in a great short dress.

Short dresses are fun and flirty, and can be worn with a pair of strappy sandals in the summertime and knee-high boots in the autumn. For a fun twist, fashionistas can pick up a short dress with gem embellishments.

Jewel-embellished short dresses can add a dash of glamor and drama to an otherwise demure ensemble. Recently, Alexis Bledel was seen rocking this trend at the New York City premiere of I Am Love, donning a short, gunmetal-colored sheath dress with a sparkling hem. The young actress paired the embellished dress with matching pumps and a simple black jacket.

Those who want to embrace this look may want to follow Bledel's lead. Because the dress's jeweled hem is an accessory unto itself, women who slip on this style should pair the outfit with minimal jewelry."

These great dresses have jeweled embellishments for a fabulous look!

Terani Couture Social Occasion Dresses - new for Fall 2010!

Terani has really outdone themselves with their fall collection. We saw their short dresses already, but here are the long dresses and suits. Dresses with unique elements like bell sleeves and V front and matching backs. Styles that are trendy, yet sophisticated. Perfect for an evening event, guest of the wedding, or prom and homecoming.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Black sequined formal dresses are all the rage!

"The little black dress has long been a staple of most women's wardrobes - it is the perfect outfit to throw on for a cocktail party or a charity event. Fashionistas looking to add a new little black dress to their closet may want to take a tip from Hollywood's finest and find a great sequined frock.

Recently, celebrities have been stepping out on the red carpet draped in sparkly black formal dresses. It's no surprise that stars wanted to look their best at Dolce and Gabbana's 20th anniversary party, and actress Rachel Weisz did not disappoint! The Definitely, Maybe starlet wore a strapless number that was covered in black sequins.

Camila Alves, better known as Mrs Matthew McConaughey, wore a floor-length black sequined gown at Samsung's Annual Four Seasons of Hope Gala in New York City. Like Weisz, the model didn't add any accessories to her ensemble, and instead let the shiny fabric stand on its own.

Women who want a similar formal dress for an upcoming event should start shopping early - getting a head start is a great way to ensure that you'll find a perfectly fitting dress of your dreams."

A few black-sequined dresses we carry:

We want your photos!!

Have you seen our Testimonials page? Happy Customers send in their thoughts about their experience shopping at TJ Formal. Customers also send in photos to show us how beautiful they look in their dress! It's the chance to strut your stuff and show yourself off! You can then link to it on your Facebook or Twitter so all your friends can see you on TJ Formal.

Send us a Prom, Homecoming, Wedding, or any other event photo showing you in your TJ Formal dress. You can be alone, with a date, with friends, family, or even a pet. It can be a photo before prom or at prom or the wedding, etc. Just send it to with any comments you would like to make.

As a thank you for sending us your photo, we will send you a coupon for 10% off your next purchase! Homecoming and fall dances are right around the corner - wouldn't it be great to get a discount on your dress?

We would love to feature you on!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Flower-Inspired Wedding Dresses

"The summer is here, which means that all around the world fresh flowers are in bloom. With all these beautiful buds popping up everywhere, why not use them for inspiration while wedding dress shopping?

While some brides prefer open back gowns or formfitting bodices to bring out their sexy side, others want to look as ladylike and girly as possible. Beautiful, feminine wedding dresses, which include flower motifs on them, may be the best way to indulge in this trend.

One of the most prominent design details finding its way to the masses at the moment is a big flower delicately placed on a wedding gown. This can either be added to the bottom of button-down bustier, or carefully sewed onto the side of a frock.

Also, lovely lace dresses often naturally boast small flower shapes. The material gives a discreet feeling of spring and summer and looks absolutely sublime on all women.

Brides who aren't sure where to begin should dive head first into the online shopping world and pore over all dress styles and silhouettes. The best thing a girl can do for herself in the months before she walks down the aisle is to prepare and plan ahead."

A beautiful wedding dress from Sherri Hill with lace rosettes: Sherri Hill Dress 2223WH

Friday, July 9, 2010

Last 3 Body Styles

Here are the last 3 body styles and the style features that look the best. All 6 body styles can be found here: Body Styles.

A Triangle body style is sometimes called a "pear" shape. It's a smaller bust with wider hips. You will need a fuller skirt and a bodice with embellishments.

Best features for an Triangle body style:

Necklines (with Spaghetti Straps or Strapless):
  Plunging V-neck
  Sweetheart necklines

Waistlines (with Mid to Very Low, Lace-up or Open backs):

Skirts (with Layers or Draped):
 Ball Gown
 Circle skirts

A Full body style means you have a fuller bust that will probably need more support, a wider waist and wider hips. There are many styles that look great on you!

Best features for a Full body style:

  Halter V-neck
  Scoop with Thick Straps
  Square with Thick Straps

Waistlines (with Mid backs with Lace-Ups):

 Ball Gown

A Diamond body style means you have a fuller waist, with a smaller bust and hips. Stay away from dresses that are fitted at the waist or have belts.

Best features for a Diamond body style:

Necklines (with Halter or Thick Straps):

Waistlines (with Mid to Low backs with Lace-ups):
 Ball Gown

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Kristen Stewart at Eclipse Premiere in Rome

"Everyone knows that good things often come in wonderfully-wrapped packages. Women currently deciding on a gorgeous pageant gown may want to remember this age-old saying while shopping for the perfect winning number.

And, just like a gorgeously decorated present, some of the most eye-catching dresses have ruffles. The detail shows the world that the fashionista is there to see and be seen and that she chose her outfit for its attention-grabbing capabilities.

Kristen Stewart was caught in one such dress at The Twilight Sage: Eclipse premiere in Rome. Her small black ditty had a gigantic ruffle that started at her collarbone and engulfed one of her shoulders. It was flashy and fantastic all at once.

Dresses that emulate this design may be perfect for women looking to make their mark on a stage during competition. The piece is often unforgettable and yet can be striking and stunning.

Women should make sure to start shopping early in order find the best color to suit their personality and sense of style. You want to be yourself in front of the judges, while showing them everything you've got."

Kristen Stewart's black dress for the Eclipse Premiere in Rome

is similar to Sherri Hill 2010 Homecoming Dress 5300 with the ruffled neckline and ruffle at the skirt.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Owner of TJ Formal gets married!!

This past weekend the owner of TJ Formal got married in a beautiful wedding ceremony. Roanna wore a Rachelle Rose designed dress custom made by the House of Wu in Champagne. It had a halter neckline encrusted with crystals. The skirt was adorned on the side with a pleated inset, splattered with crystals.

Her 2 daughters and her husband's 2 daughters stood up for them in a rainbow of gorgeous Sherri Hill dresses. 
The baby's dress was also custom-designed and made by Rachelle Rose.

Guests of the wedding all wore TJ Formal dresses, Mori Lee and more Sherri Hill.