Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Watching your back!

Wedding gowns are chosen for how they look from the front, right? And of course, that is most important - it's what people see as you walk down the aisle and it's what is seen in 99% of the photos.

However, consider the back of the gown. When you are at the altar, reciting your wedding vows, the back is very visible. It's why brides choose so many gowns with trains. But the back can be just as beautiful as the front!

TJ Formals has a 10 foot mirror in the bridal section of the store. Brides can stand up on the runway and see the full glory of the back of their gowns!


  1. I think you guys have a great selection of gowns. I just love looking at them and dreaming!

  2. Awesome runway!!