Thursday, June 10, 2010

Destination Weddings

Destination Weddings have become very popular. They are usually less expensive and at the same time, friends and family can enjoy a vacation!  Wedding dresses for a destination wedding are quite varied. While some brides still go with the traditional white/ivory dress in a less formal style, other brides opt to go with a dress that matches their destination. This opens up the possibilities to almost anything!

We have many options for the perfect dress for a destination wedding.

Mori Lee Voyage Wedding Dress 6205 is a gorgeous chiffon dress with beading at a great price!

A destination wedding dress does not have to be an actual "wedding" dress - you can use a short dress, prom dress, anything that is in the color and style that matches your wedding!

Alyce Designs 2010 Prom Dress 8811 is a prom dress that can easily work for a wedding dress. Simple, yet beautiful!

And this Sherri Hill Short Dress 1043 would make an excellent choice for a bride looking for something short and sexy for her wedding dress.

Some quick tips to get you started planning a destination wedding:
1. Consider the distance and accessibility of your dream destination. It will be difficult for your friends and family to attend your wedding if the location you choose is excessively far away or difficult to get to, or too expensive.

2. Send out "Save the Date" cards as far in advance as possible to give your guests plenty of time to plan.

3. Hire a local wedding planner. Having someone in the destination who knows where to find the best vendors and resources will save you countless time and energy.

4. Be sure to familiarize yourself with local marriage laws. Requirements for obtaining a marriage license can vary greatly.

5. If at all possible, make at least one pre-visit to the destination so there are no surprises when you arrive for the big event.

If you need assistance finding that perfect dress for your dream destination, be sure to let us know via chat, email, or phone!


  1. I can't wait for my beach wedding! Thanks for these great ideas!

  2. I have even heard of bride's choose a fancy wedding dress for the chapel and a second, simpler dress for the reception - one that easy to dance and party in -- these would be great for that

  3. Thanks for the incredibly helpful tips!