Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Color Schemes - Fuchsia and Yellow

Probably one of the first things a bride decides on is a color scheme for her wedding. Some are very particular and choose their favorite colors. Others (like me) use something practical to make the decision - I found inexpensive bridesmaid dresses in pink that were in stock in all the sizes I needed. Pink and Black it was!

I recently have spent some time helping a bride find dresses for her bridesmaids. Her colors are Fuchsia and Yellow for a beach wedding. Not your typical wedding color scheme, but how unique and fun! And to make things a little complicated, one bridesmaid would be 6 months pregnant at wedding time. The bride preferred a print dress, but was also willing to look at other options. While we do have a maternity bridesmaid department, I found a couple that would work with her color scheme and with her pregnant bridesmaid.

A few accessories that would be perfect for a beach wedding and this color scheme!

If you need help finding the perfect color scheme, or dresses and accessories in your chosen scheme, just let us know - we'd be happy to help!


  1. I really like the Pretty Maids dress - it's PERFECT for summer parties!

  2. Those are some great options, love the print!